The climate in the Municipality of Lipkovo is heavilly influenced by
the cold air mases which blow from the north especially during the
winter period. These air masses also infulence the drop of temperature
of the air. On the other side, typical mediterrainean influences are
registered along the river Vardar with typical mediterrainean plants..
Taking in consideration the fact that the municipality does not have a
meterological station the data for the climate are taken from the
stations in Kumanovo and Skopje. The coldest month is January with
temepratures as low as 0,4 degrees celzius. The lowest temperature is
registered in 27.01.1954 when the temperature reached -24,0 C.
These low temperatures surely have a negative impact on living
enviornment and especially the agriculture.

Air Temperature (1951 –1980) MC Kumanovo

Conversely, summer is very dry, most of the average rainfall is in August,
only 30.2 mm. From the results it can be concluded that these cases are due
to climate changes that reflect negatively on the production of agricultural
crops and water resources.