Territory of the municipality of Lipkovo is characterized with
different geological content and very complex tectonic structure. On
its territory different sediments can be found as well as metamorphic
and magmatic rocks which have Paleozoic, Mesozoic and tertiary
quarter age.
Rocks in this area are built from crystallized laim, serpentine, granite
and marble. Metamorphic complex of these series are quite complex
and it is featured with tectonic complexes.
Marble appear in many zones and many shapes mostly around the
region of Lojane, Nikushtak and other location. These belong to a
group of rocks from the ‘Series of Veles’ with a square shape and
exceptionally large massiveness and are in close relation with the
quartzite’s. Serpentinite mass appear around the region of Lojane in a
form of an exposed mass in the direction of northwest. They originate
from the time of Jura. Series of granite, diabase and gabbroid appear
around Slupcane.
Quarter aged sediments are presented with sandy rocks,
conglomerates, alluvial sediments and so on. Most of these sediments
appear in the exit parts of the rivers of the mountain massive.
Sediments like these can be found in the bottom of the Lojane river,
Suva Reka, Slupcanska Reka where from the heavy rains the land is
being relegated from the carried materials..

In the rocks dating from Paleozoic and Jura in a form of a tectonic
serpentine lenses the serpentine massive around Lojane presents a
wholeness with many cultures divided in several separate masses in
the direction of northwest. Wires and nerves of granite, plagiogranite
sienite and other formation from the period of Jura.

Most important minerals that can be found around village of Lojane
are anemone and arsenic whereas antimony and nickel with 6,50%
and 4%.

Shtresat e mbetura nga miniera e Llojanit
Waste rock from the mine in Lojane


Topographically, Municipality of Lipkovo lies in the space which
connects the Lipkovo valley (the lower part) and the hill (part of the
hill) and lake Glazhnja.
Mountain relief of the municipality is presented through the
mountains in the area around village of Matjece (Vuksan, Smilavica,
Ostrec,) Lipkovo, village Goshince (Kupilaca). These are all rich with
pastures and forests especially with falling leaves but they are rarely
inhabited and therefore undeveloped.
The mountain relief is consisted of terrain with approximate altitude
of 580-1050 meters. м. Flat relief is consisted of a terrain with
approximate altitude of 365-480 meters

Rajoni i Likovës
Mountain massive around Lipkovo region