Many scientific findings have proven that settlements around Municipality of Lipkovo go back to the ancient times before our era, during the time of the Illyrians. Many hypothesize that the toponyms were used during the time of the Dardans and Peons. Many escavated clay materials on the location of Drezga-Lopate and Rimnik-Matejce prove that these are ancient settlements. The biggest proof for thesezold settlements are the old well from the Roman time as well as two excavated coffers while building Lipkovo’s artificial lake from 1951 to 1958.
Lipkovo was ruled by the Turkish Empire since 1389 to 1912. Old Turkish documents show the collection of taxes in this region call as ‘ Nahija of Old Nagoricane’ until 1915.
In 1916 few villages from the region of Lipkovo became part of the municipality of Otlja which numbered 54.000 inhabitants. Many writers, geographers, demographers and other scientific collaborators describe this organized municipal life in this region. Dr. Aslan Selmani has conducted and published newest geographic findings for this region.
Municipality of Lipkovo was founded in 1955 during the time of Yugoslavia and was void in 1965. After the Macedonia’s independence on the request of the citizens the municipality of
Lipkovo was established once again.